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Sales Lead Generation Using Advertising and Outsourcing Services in Indianapolis, Indiana & South Florida including Fort Myers and Naples

Every business needs sales to survive. Therefore, every business needs a sales pipeline containing a steady flow of qualified prospects to whom it can sell products and services. B2B lead generation is the process that consistently keeps qualified prospects steadily flowing through the sales pipeline.

MarketWise Solutions can help you generate qualified leads by implementing solid strategies and well-targeted integrated marketing communications. We only suggest and apply the B2B lead generation strategies that are appropriate for your business and budget. We never suggest implementing a marketing campaign or developing a sales tool unless a careful assessment of your existing situation and future needs determines it will provide essential and measurable benefits.

Lead Generation Is More Than Brochures and Websites

Too often, "marketing" agencies believe the solution to all B2B lead generation problems are an expensive new brochure and a flashy new website. At MarketWise Solutions, we believe in the need for corporate brochures and websites, but we only recommend and create sales tools and marketing materials when they are an integrated element of a larger strategy that is designed to initiate contact and develop relationships with highly qualified prospects. Effective marketing requires much more than a brochure and a website.

B2B lead generation is the heart and soul of business to business sales. You cannot survive without actively seeking new customers unless you are monopoly. The primary goals of our targeted lead generation campaigns are to find businesses that have an immediate need you can fill or to establish and maintain relationships with qualified prospects, so they will considered your products and services first when a need arises in the future.

Active B2B Lead Generation Gets Results

Our B2B lead generation efforts on our clients' behalf usually achieve results that fall into one of four categories:

  1. The prospect has an immediate need and budget, and requests a quote or asks for a sales rep to contact them for further discussion. This happens more often than you think, but it can only happen if you are actively and continuously visible to your prospects to maintain top-of-mind-awareness.
  2. The prospect has an immediate need, but no defined budget, and asks for additional information and/or for a sales rep to contact them. This type of prospect may require a little longer sales cycle, but will invest in the right solution if the need is so great and he or she can clearly see value and an eventual ROI.
  3. The prospect already has a vendor, but remains in the prospect database with the understanding that needs and relationships change. The goal with these prospects is to be at the top of their "Vendors to Consider" list when their existing vendor is unable to satisfy their future needs.
  4. The prospect has no immediate or foreseeable need for your products or services, and is removed from the prospect database. Though this is the least desirable response, knowing this is better than being clueless because it eliminates future futile marketing efforts directed toward that company that would never provide a return on your investment.

B2B Lead Generation Requires Resources and Expertise

Building relationships and maintaining top-of-mind-awareness with qualified prospects through your B2B lead generation efforts is crucial for success in a highly competitive market. The tasks required to build and maintain business relationships are neither expensive nor extremely complicated, but they do require business resources and expertise that your company may not have available.

If you need assistance with your B2B lead generation, give us a call at 317-564-4898, or submit our contact form or send us an e-mail to set up an exploratory conversation, so you can learn more about how we can help open new sales channels and keep qualified leads steadily flowing through your sales pipeline.

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