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Target Audience:
Maintenance and/or Engineering Equipment Managers at various types of manufacturing and processing plants throughout the US.

Description of Product Advertised:
Industrial Centrifuges and Systems for separating solids from liquids in processing fluids, wastewater, etc. Machines and systems sell for approx. $50,000 - $300,000.

Single Most Important Marketing Communication Objective:
To get the site ranked as high as possible on all the major search engines so that it is found in the natural, organic search results for a multitude of ideal key terms.

US Centrifuge's previous website was a traditionally-developed site that did not incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and methodologies. The site was very poorly ranked, if ranked at all, and thus, it was generating very little traffic and absolutely no leads.

Using SEO techniques, keyword research, and professional resources, we determined the exact key terms that were actively being searched for on the major search engines. Then we used those terms and our proven optimized website development methodology to build a site that would get ranked high on the search engines. In addition, we continued our thought process all the way through the site, considering multiple navigational paths, making all the most important content only one click deep, providing in-depth and useful content, and offering the site visitor easy ways to respond. The copy-intensive home page, and the non-traditional left menu structure, may not be expected (or desired from a design standpoint), but they are important elements of this optimized design. This site is designed, first and foremost, to be found on the search engines, and then, to be quickly and easily navigated.

Note: These results are based purely on natural, organic listings on the search engines through SEO (see examples), no pay-per-click (PPC) is being used.

Using sophisticated server-side website traffic monitoring software, we collected baseline data for several months prior to posting the new site. Traffic to the site from the search engines was virtually zero (and obviously, so was the lead count) prior to posting the new, optimized site. When the new site went live in late 2004, its first full month saw 855 unique visitors. This number has continually increased to just under 2,000 unique visitors per month only 5 months later (Feb, 2005). Over 125 leads have been generated and it is estimated that nearly half of these leads are serious, qualified leads! Although capital equipment sales like this typically have very slow sales cycle times (6 - 18 months), 2 sales have already been made for a total of just over $100,000. 24 active web leads are currently being pursued and the client is expecting to close at least $1,000,000 in sales from these leads in the next 6 months. In 2005, $2,000,000 in sales is expected to be generated by website leads. The client stated, "We have received more leads through the new website in the past 3 months, than we have received in the past 3 years period. We are an established, 12-year old company, but in a few short months, the website has literally changed how we do business."

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