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Direct HTML Email Marketing Services, Business-to-Business E-mail Marketing, Online Targeted Campaigns in Indianapolis, Indiana & South Florida including Fort Myers and Naples

An email marketing campaign using a well-targeted list can be a very effective business-to-business lead generation tool if used carefully and sparingly. Computer viruses and worms have caused people to become afraid of unsolicited email messages, so any email marketing campaign should use a list consisting only of people who will quickly recognize the subject as one specifically pertaining to their business.

A well-crafted, to-the-point e-mail with a recognizable subject line and industry specific message of value will be received, read, appreciated and acted upon. An e-mail marketing campaign based on an opt-in database or your own newsletter subscription list are the best options. A pre-registration lists from trade shows are almost as good because trade show attendees want information to help guide them through large, often-daunting exhibitions.

Trade Shows: Permission Email Marketing Campaign List

As a trade show exhibitor, you have understood permission to indirectly contact registered attendees prior to the event to invite them to stop by your booth. It is accepted behavior if not abused. Show attendees will walk around the show with mailers and print-outs of emails as their source of direction and destination as they begin touring the exhibition hall. This type of list-based email marketing campaign consumes no materials or postage, so it is very cost-effective and a potent traffic driver.

After a trade show, you will have additional new contacts to add to your e-mail marketing campaign list. Distributing a post-show e-mail to anyone you met at the show is also another opportunity to stay top-of-mind and build a relationship. By adding every new contact your sales team and other staff make to your e-mail list, you can build a database that will serve as the foundation of future integrated marketing efforts. Maintaining contact with the people on your list through carefully-scheduled e-mail messages, such as informative newsletters, white papers and major-event alerts, will help establish your company as the experts in your field.

Respectful Email Marketing Campaigns

At MarketWise Solutions, we realize a fine line exists between what someone considers informative email and what they consider undesired spam. We are not email marketers by trade, we just use a respectful email marketing campaign as an occasional strategy to reach a well-targeted audience for an industry-specific and expected reason. Any email campaign we conduct on behalf of a client is just one of the many integrated marketing communications services we provide to generate qualified business-to-business leads.

If you need assistance developing and implementing an effective, non-intrusive e-mail marketing strategy as part of an integrated communications campaign, give us a call at 317-564-4898, or submit our contact form, or send us an e-mail to set up an exploratory conversation, so you can learn more about how we can help open new sales channels and improve existing customer relationships.

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