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Search Engine Optimization / SEO Finally Catching On in Indianapolis?

On my way to work today, I heard a local news clip about a successful company in the Indianapolis area that works in the Search Engine Optimization / SEO realm. They have grown rapidly, landing some large national accounts, and they do fine work, but in this news clip they are quoted as saying that many companies are starting to realize that search engines are their largest source for new leads and that the field of Search Engine Optimization / SEO will grow as more companies start to understand it. What is interesting is that I recall saying something very similar to this. but it was about 10 YEARS AGO!

MarketWise Solutions was the first company in the Indianapolis / Indiana area, as well as the greater Midwest to focus squarely on Search Engine Optimization / SEO as the future of lead generation. We have been quietly going about our business and creating Search Engine Optimization / SEO success stories for our clients for over a decade, and wondering why it was taking everyone else so long to figure it out.

In the last few years, some local Indianapolis / Indiana website development firms have finally started to work with Search Engine Optimization / SEO, but only a handful seem to really understand it and are doing it well.

It has been, and continues to be, very, very frustrating to see so many websites developed without Search Engine Optimization / SEO in mind, but at least more people are indeed starting to understand it today, and can begin to see what our clients have known for many, many years.

- Ron Smith
Founder and President of MarketWise Solutions, Inc.



Search Engine Optimization / SEO, Search Engine Marketing / SEM, Pay-Per-Click / PPC Management Services and Website Development in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Beyond

Successful Search Engine Optimization - SEO for Indianapolis, Indiana and Beyond

Successful Search Engine Optimization / SEO is easily achievable in many instances. Because most Internet traffic originates at one of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), using search engine optimization / SEO to gain high rankings on these important traffic generating sites lets qualified prospects find you, instead of you having to find them.

The B2B marketplace has dramatically changed over the past decade, and search engine optimization / SEO has played a major role. The Internet, once considered a business novelty, has now become the primary means of business-to-business research and communications - and these days most B2B decisions begin when someone enters a keyword phrase into one of the search engines. Whether you are a company in Indianapolis, elsewhere in Indiana or beyond, MarketWise Solutions can help your search engine optimization / SEO efforts and the ranking of your website.

Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO Too Good To Be True?

The fact that you can now start generating real traffic and website leads from your targeted Internet markets seems almost too good to be true, especially if your company's website has been lying dormant for years and has not previously provided any return on the investment for its development and maintenance.

Well, it is true, and the improved web site traffic and leads are real, but optimization is not a model on which to build and sustain a serious business. Search engine optimization / SEO is only one - an important one - of several integrated marketing strategies a business needs to compete and survive in today's highly competitive B2B marketplace.

So, how do you decide whether to pursue search engine optimization / SEO or other types of search engine marketing / SEM, or to stick with more tried and true methods of prospecting? The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy to accomplish: Learn everything you can about new lead generation methods, including search engine optimization / SEO, and then make a decision based on a complete understanding of today's B2B world and the affordable options available to you. Whether you are in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, in the greater Midwest or elsewhere in the world, MarketWise Solutions would welcome the opportunity to meet with you either in person or via Skype or a conference call to determine your search engine optimization / SEO or other marketing needs.

Learn More About Search Engine Optimization / SEO from Indianapolis and Indiana's First SEO Company

To help our clients and prospects learn about the benefits of search engine optimization / SEO and pay-per-click / PPC advertising, we have created a brief, easy-to-print outline of The Current State of Search Engine Marketing. In addition, we are always willing to discuss the finer details of search engine optimization / SEO with you, because we firmly believe it is one of the most powerful and cost effective methods of generating qualified leads, both short-term and perhaps even more so in the long run.

No secrets or tricks exists for achieving high rankings through search engine optimization / SEO, despite what unscrupulous practitioners would like you to believe. Everything you need to know about search engine optimization / SEO is available on the Internet, although it may take you a couple years of trial and error to truly figure it out (that's a couple years of doing nothing but search engine optimization / SEO and maintenance on a multitude of web sites - not working with one site occasionally).

But there is an easier way. MarketWise Solutions has used search engine optimization / SEO to improve the rankings of many web sites, obtaining hundreds of top rankings for our clients' most important keyword phrases. We even have dozens of #1 rankings on Google and the other major search engines. If you are ready to embrace this new B2B marketplace, we can probably achieve some excellent results for you as well. MarketWise Solutions was the first company in Indianapolis, as well as in Indiana and the upper Midwest, to truly understand and implement search engine optimization / SEO. We have over 10 years of experience in search engine optimization / SEO, as well as search engine marketing / SEM and Pay-Per-Click / PPC management.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Made Easy For You

On your behalf, we can implement the critical "do's" and avoid the forbidden "don'ts" of search engine optimization / SEO, which can mean the difference between a first-page ranking and being de-listed by Google (a B2B fate worse than death!)

But the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is that our clients convert website traffic obtained through search engine optimization / SEO into qualified leads and sales, and they feel it is worth their continued investment for ongoing optimization maintenance and site expansion to further take advantage of this very effective lead generation tool.

If you would like references and testimonials from a few of our satisfied search engine optimization / SEO clients, give us a call at our Indianapolis, Indiana office at 317-564-4898, or submit our contact form, or send us an e-mail to set up an exploratory conversation. During that call, you can also learn more about how we can help your company take advantage of search engine optimization / SEO, an exciting and proven B2B lead generation opportunity, as well as our other B2B and industrial marketing services.

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